Fake trees are cheaper and more convenient.

Juliette Piovoso, Assistant Opinion Editor

The season of Christmas is finally upon us; amidst the flurry of gift-giving, travel and celebration, there’s another conundrum that Christmas has presented us with—Christmas trees. 

While the piney, naturalistic aroma of an evergreen tree is enticing, having an artificial or plastic tree is not only easier for your family but easier on your wallet as well. 

This holiday season, having a faux tree provides the best gift of all— a return on investment. Unlike a real tree, having an artificial tree can be reused and redecorated as many times as one may please. Year after year, families won’t have to worry about when and where to get the “perfect” tree; instead, it is lying readily available in your basement.

For those who relish the opportunity to pick out their own tree, dissatisfaction often comes fast as there is never the “perfect” tree that will fit all your needs. While Mother Nature cannot always customize to your needs, humans can.

For whatever Blue Spruce or Kingswood fir that suits you best this Christmas season, human-made trees offer the gift of an already pre-lit tree adorned with fabulous decorations and, of course, the best gift of all—the gift of saving money.  

ABC News reports that “one of the biggest advantages that come to mind when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is the cost savings; it’s cheaper to have a fake tree every year because the same tree goes up. You only have to buy that tree once.”

Lastly, the clutter of leaves, dirt, and bugs that Christmas trees bring into your home is hard to ignore. Alongside the unremitting burden of watering the gigantic plant, the haphazard collection of needles and other foreign droppings that plunge from the tree also remains a holiday hamper. 

Nonetheless, by purchasing a fake tree, the once high-maintenance house plant would be, in contrast, anything but. 

The hassle of watering the tree, trimming its branches, and sweeping its relentless mess is too much for a few weeks of holiday celebrations.  

Additionally, safety is of the utmost importance for those families with young children. When contemplating whether or not to buy a fake tree, it is essential to keep in mind that artificial trees are often fire-resistant. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (from Fox23 News), “real Christmas trees are three times more likely to be involved in a Christmas tree fire, compared to artificial trees.”

Composed mainly of fire-resistant materials, with artificial trees, you would no longer have to worry about safely stringing the tree lights as you now are void of any potential disasters.