Global Goals works to change the world close to home


Jacob Lipkin

Seniors Sarah Boush, Polina Berisheva and Juan Benatuil pay close attention during the Global Goals meeting on Thursday, Dec. 2.

Justice Huang, Staff Writer

The Global Goals club, run by co-presidents seniors Alison Hoijlo and Leann Jenks, focuses on getting its members active in community service by working within the framework of the United Nations’ goals.

The 193 countries in the United Nations have come to agree on 17 major goals that would change the world dramatically for the better, some of which include zero hunger, climate action and no poverty. Founded in 2018, the Global Goals club works on contributing to the goals and being part of the effort to change the world.

Global Goals club leader Alison Hojlo directs the club’s second meeting of the year on Dec. 2. (Jacob Lipkin)

The club meets on the first Thursday of every month after school to discuss what goal to focus on and what community service project to complete that month.

“We all work together to decide what we’re going to do, so Alison and I won’t pick [service projects] for the month ourselves,” Jenks said. “We’ll work and see what the other members of the club want to do, so we almost all plan together in real time, not beforehand.”

After the club decides on which goal to tackle, Jenks and Hoijlo schedule the project, and members meet up to work on it together.

“There are a lot of goals focused on action with climate change and the environment, and that’s something I’m super passionate about,” Hoijlo said.

Club members follow their passions while influencing their community in positive ways through service projects such as working with food pantries, helping out donation centers and running bake sales.

“I love doing service in general,” Jenks said. “I think it’s so great to see yourself and other people coming together to join and work on a specific cause.”

Jenks and Hoijlo hope the club will grow this year.

“I’m very excited to get new people involved and hopefully play a bigger part in Algonquin’s community,” Jenks said.

Students interested in joining can simply come to a meeting in World Languages teacher and adviser Evan Greenwald’s room, H113, or message the leaders through the arhs.globalgoals Instagram.

“Anyone can join,” Hoijlo said. “We would love more people, more freshmen, more underclassmen to join, so when Leann and I are not here anymore, there will be someone that can continue the club.”