Nate’s Natty keeps community clean, one soap bar at a time


Grace Herdman

Senior Nathan Simon creates homemade soap and sells it to students and teachers through his start-up business, Nate’s Natty

Thomas Hauck, Staff Writer

With what started out as a hobby, senior Nathan Simon has turned soap-making into a business called Nate’s Natty within this past year, developing various signature scents and qualities.

Inspired by the company Dr. Squatch, which retails for $6 a bar, Simon felt he could make a much better product for cheaper while still retaining that smooth feeling that drew him to the Dr. Squatch soap. The soap-making process requires a lot of trial and error, and Simon has been able to find a perfect balance in his soap, while still trying out different combinations of ingredients to better his product every day.

“Soap is a mixture of alkaline salts and fatty acids; each oil has a different amount of fatty acids in it,” Simon said. “Each of the fatty acids has different properties which, when utilized correctly, can leave you with different qualities in a soap.” 

Simon is also willing to customize his soaps for individuals and is open to suggestions.

“If you want me to do a specific thing, I’ll do that specific thing,” Simon said. “I’m not putting out one product so that you can take it or leave it.”

Simon prides himself on the quality of his soap.

“There are many benefits to Nate’s Natty, being a homemade business,” Simon said. “My products are organic, cruelty free and vegan.”

Simon is always brainstorming new ideas for soaps and new ways to expand his business. It is clear he is passionate about his work and finds enjoyment in what he does.

“I’ve needed to keep pushing and being ambitious because when I allow myself to be stagnant, the product fails,” Simon said.

His positive mindset allows him to keep running this business and be successful with his soap making. He has already sold his soaps in the farmers’ market at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough, and he’s working towards reaching out to other locations in the community. Simon also sells Nate’s Natty directly to consumers for $6 through his Instagram account (@nates.natty).

Many students, including Simon’s supportive friends, have purchased and use Nate’s Natty as their everyday soap.

“You can tell how Nate’s Natty has progressed through stages by how he’s upgraded his packaging and started stamping his soaps,” senior Charlie David said.

David has been a customer since the very beginning of Nate’s Natty.

“The oats and exfoliants included in Nate’s Natty really leave my skin feeling soft and supple,” David said.

Senior customer Jacob Anderson also had a lot to say about Simon’s product and its qualities.

“Durability is definitely what comes to mind, as this soap has lasted me months while still getting the job done every day,” Anderson said.

Simon is preparing for what he hopes is a busy holiday season for the company.

“I’ve got crazy soaps on the way, seasonal soaps coming out for the holidays,” Simon said. “I’ll be in the hallways; you know where to find me.”