Provenzano hopes to guide students toward future success


Jacob Lipkin

The new guidance counselor Rob Provenzano shows off his Syracuse pride in his office on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021.

Dominic Frallicciardi, Staff Writer

New guidance counselor Rob Provenzano has a love for helping students through high school and preparing for their futures.

In high school, Provenzano set his sights on becoming a guidance counselor because he wanted students to have a better high school experience than he did.

Provenzano first became interested in education when he worked on an education team at a jail for a course he took while at Syracuse. 

“I wouldn’t be able to work in the jail,” Provenzano said. “That would be way too intimidating. Those kids would eat me alive.” 

Provenzano earned his Master’s degree from Boston College, then interned and worked at BC High School for a year. Immediately prior to ARHS, Provenzaro was a counselor at Sizer School in Fitchburg for two years. He is now thrilled to be at Algonquin and is excited to seize the opportunity at hand.

Being a guidance counselor is something Provenzaro takes pride in. When he worked at Boston College, he dealt with a significant challenge: a student he worked with for over a year died by suicide. 

He helped counsel some of the students’ friends and classmates to help them get through what Provenzaro described as a very emotional time. 

“It was tough,” Provenzano said.

This specific incident influenced Provenzano to dive deeper into his students’ personal lives and interact with their families as well.

Provenzano has enjoyed his time at Algonquin so far. 

“Coming here, meeting all the seniors, developing relationships with their families and helping with the college process is really rewarding,” Provenzano said.

Provenzano said all guidance counselors find their jobs rewarding in different ways; for him, it is seeing seniors get into the schools they have been dreaming of since freshman year.

In his free time, Provenzano likes playing with his 80-pound English bulldog, Chester, playing golf, watching true crime documentaries and listening to true crime podcasts. He also loves mowing the lawn. 

“This interview is going to make me sound so boring,” Provenzano laughed, after mentioning his love of lawn mowing.

 Provenzano also loves baseball and shared that he and his dad used to go to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox at least 20 to 30 times a year. 

 “It was something I always looked forward to,” Provenzano said.

Sports have been an important part of Provenzano’s life and have helped him make close connections with family and friends. 

“Sports are a way for people to bond,” Provenzano said.

Although Provenzano is not involved in any school activities, because he is still getting adjusted to his new position, he’s interested in helping coach baseball and getting involved with clubs in the near future.