Caroline Alcock


Owen Jones

Senior Lulu Alcock scored the winning goal of the girls’ soccer game against Lincoln-Sudbury, bringing the final score to 1-0.

How did it feel to score the only goal that won the game?

“It gave me a sigh of relief. Once I stepped up to take it, I knew that it was going in, and it was the best situation for the team. I knew it would give us momentum going forward to finish the game out in a good manner.”

How did the game go overall?

“I think overall we played pretty well. Definitely, we should’ve had some more goals in the back of the net because we built up play very well. But I think we played great, and it was a good start to the tournament for us going forward.”

Was one team dominating play, or was it back and forth?

“In the first half, we definitely dominated possession, and I think we outplayed them. But, I definitely think some of their chances were caused by our mistakes. I wouldn’t consider us dominating 100% of the time, but I think we had some more chances than they did.”

How did the tempo of the game change after your goal?

“I think after the goal, we knew we had to manage the game, and we didn’t really try to score more than we did in the game. We definitely had a defensive mindset, and we were like ‘okay, we need to get the ball out of our half.’ We changed up the formation a little bit. The tempo was definitely still high, but it was a different type of tempo.”


See the game-winning goal below: