Top 5: Softball grabs first win of season at ‘home base’


Owen Jones

Teammates wait as junior Eve Roiter pitches the ball in Algonquin’s 13-7 win over St. Bernard’s.

Katherine Wu, Assistant A&E Editor

The varsity softball team won a home game against St. Bernard’s High School 13-7 on Wednesday, May 19. This added to their season record, boosting it to 1 – 6 at that point in the season. The athletes and coaches Andrew Kinney and Kristen Morcone all contributed to the win, and there were many highlights. However, some plays stood out more than others.

Here are the top five highlights: 

5. Junior Charlotte Roiter made two great outfield catches off St. Bernard’s hits in the third inning, which strengthened the team’s defense and didn’t give St. Bernard’s a chance to score in that inning.

4. Junior Meredith Sainsbury had an outstanding hit in the second inning which got her teammates, freshman Tessa James and senior captain Molly Callaghan to home base, earning the team two more points.

3. Senior captain Meredith Rafferty also got a great hit in the second inning, which allowed the team to score two more points. Rafferty has had two home runs so far this season.

2. The catcher for this game, James, also stood out, because she was able to catch all of junior Eve Roiter’s missed pitches, some too high, some too low. 

1. Finally, for the top highlight, Eve Roiter scored a home run in only the second inning, earning the team three more points. In addition, Roiter played the important role of pitcher, and this was her first career win as pitcher. “I felt super proud [of the home run],” Roiter said. “It was really fun because my whole team was proud and they were cheering me on.”

“I’m excited to see how we finish the season,” Kinney said. “It hasn’t been the greatest season record-wise, but we’ve seen a lot of improvement just from a month ago. It’s going to be fun to see how we close off the season, hopefully squeak out a couple more wins, and hold our own in the [MIAA] Central Mass tournament.”

The team closed out their season 2-12, with a second win against St. Bernard’s on June 1 and a loss to Wachusett in the Central Mass tournament on June 8.