Senior Reflection: We persevered through the unpredictable

Cristina Stassis, Social Media Editor

If you were to ask me to summarize my entire high school experience into one word it would simply be unpredictable. 

As a freshman, I never would’ve thought that the majority of my senior year would consist of half the class at home while the other half was in school because of a worldwide disease. Instead I would have expected a relatively “normal” high school experience like what they show in movies and TV shows where the teenagers go to a ton of parties, football games, and magically they all end up going to an Ivy league school. I would have thought that I would be graduating with a perfect GPA and the perfect idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life, but things don’t always go as planned.

Just because things didn’t work out the way I thought they would as an incoming freshman, doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a pretty good time here at Algonquin. There have definitely been a lot of ups and downs, emphasis on downs, but it was all worth it to be able to receive that piece of paper in the end that says I did it. 

The graduating class of 2021 has been through something that no one would have expected yet instead of letting it keep us down, we persevered.

One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is to embrace the unpredictability that comes along as you grow up. A ton of things about me have changed during high school and I realized it’s always good to embrace the change instead of trying to stop it. 

I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life and I bet that’s just like the majority of the graduating class. Instead of trying to plan out your entire life to the dot, just enjoy it because in reality nothing ever goes to plan and usually that’s for the best. 

I’m not disappointed that my high school experience wasn’t like High School Musical, which Vanessa Hudgens made me think it would be, because honestly we could all do without that drama.