Senior Reflection: Not your typical high school experience 

Marin Klein, Opinion Editor

It’s safe to say that I did not have the most conventional four-year high school experience. Mainly because I haven’t even been at one school for four years. 

I came to Algonquin sophomore year, after transferring from a private school in Western Massachusetts where my dad worked. When you think about it I’ve only had one full year at Algonquin with the Class of  ’21 due to the fact I came sophomore year, and the COVID pandemic started junior year. Now I’m ending my senior year, looking back at the blur that was the last three years.

Honestly, I was extremely skeptical when I first arrived in Northborough. Looking back now it’s crazy to see my view of Algonquin then vs. now. I think that’s something the high school has taught me the most. Maybe we don’t accept something at first and can only see the bad, but once you open your eyes you see all the good things. It sounds incredibly corny, but it’s the honest truth. 

While most of my classmates had been together since elementary school, I have only been here 3 years and it still shocks me that I haven’t known some of these people all my life. It seemed like forever ago I walked into Algonquin the first time. I remember wondering how anyone could possibly find their classes or get there on time, even though now it seems so easy. I’ve had a shorter time at Algonquin than most of my grade, but I feel just as sentimental about leaving as anyone else. 

I can’t say it was all perfect. In fact, there were many moments that were far from perfect, but closing out senior year, I see the really small moments that happened at this school or with classmates, and I think that’s what will stick with me most. I’ve moved plenty of times in my life and things are always going to slip from our memories, even things that seem really big now. It’s the small things that made you unmistakably happy that will stick with you, and I’ve had plenty of moments from Algonquin that I know I will always keep with me.