Senior Reflection: Learning to live in the moment

Emma Stott, Staff Writer

After talking and laughing in the rotunda with a couple of my friends after a HOSA meeting last March 12, we heard one of the secretaries say that school would be closing for a couple days for deep cleaning. At the time, I really did believe what she said was true: that it would be only a couple days until I stepped inside for another day of classes. 

As I waved goodbye and walked outside, I began to feel deep dread rushing through me. But, as soon as I opened the door to my car, the feeling faded away as quickly as it had come.

The number of times over the past months I have replayed that single memory of my last time in school over the past year is insurmountable. Throughout my senior year, my home has become a place of both learning and relaxation, as I am a remote student learning entirely through the screen of my laptop. It has been a year of quiet reflection, rather than the usual flurry of constant activity. 

As we all know, this year has been far from normal. In some ways, it seems as if we are witnessing historic and influential events, while in other ways it just feels unfair. I remember repeatedly thinking, “Why did this pandemic have to happen now, right during my senior year?”

If this unexpected interruption to my high school experience has taught me anything, it has reminded me to be grateful for the moment. Being grateful does not always equate with actually liking that moment. Rather, no matter how hard that test was or how annoying it is to get all the way up to math after gym class, try to be present and appreciate the bright spots in each day. 

While unfortunately my junior and senior year were far from how I envisioned them pre-pandemic, this experience has taught me to really embrace and appreciate each moment. 

Because of my busy schedule, living in the moment is something that I have often struggled with, but it is really important. So, even though you might have that biology test tomorrow or you are stressed about having several club meetings on the same day, remember to take a step back and be grateful. 

Before you think about all that could go wrong, think (even if just for a moment), about all that has gone right today.