Boys’ Indoor track makes the most of shortened season in midst of new challenges


Joe L

Senior Cole Gamache at a meet with Shepard Hill. The Algonquin team went on to win the meet.

Katherine Wu, Assistant A&E Editor

Despite a shortened season with only two meets, the boys’ indoor track team was able to make the most of the Fall 2 season and prepare for the Spring season.

In the past, the indoor track season occurred indoors in the winter. However, this year indoor track was categorized as “Fall 2,” so the season ran from late Feb. to late April with outdoor practices and meets. The team won both their meets against Shepherd Hill and Wachusett.

“It’s helpful that indoor and outdoor [track] are right next to each other, so we don’t have to worry about some people not doing anything in the time in between and then coming back out of shape and having to build back up,” senior captain Mikhail Medina said. “This way, everyone can be in really good shape by the end of the track season, so we should be able to reach some new lengths by the end of outdoor.”

While COVID-19 has affected many factors in both practices and meets, it has not changed the attitudes of the athletes.

“There’s been a really good attitude for what we’ve been given and what we can do with it,” senior captain Cole Gamache said. “Everyone’s pretty positive about still keeping up with running and cooperating with the masks, and there’s still unity as far as the team aspect goes.”

Because the modified season conflicted with other sports, there was a lack of participation this year.

“We definitely lost a decent amount of people from COVID,” senior captain Will Lamburn said. “But as far as the people who were on the team, they were committed and wanted to be there.”

In addition, COVID had a huge impact on what the team’s practices looked like.

“Usually we do two warmup laps and then warm up together as a whole team with seniors leading,” Gamache said. “Now, we don’t even do the two warmup laps; we just go straight into dynamics, and it’s very split up and everyone goes to their respective spots when we practice.” 

With this being the seniors’ final indoor track season, the captains hope the team will continue to improve. 

“I hope they can continue to grow, get better, and progress,” Lamburn said.

“I hope they can go back to Reggie Lewis [the usual indoor track meet location] next year to have meets with lots of other schools,” Medina said. “I think records are meant to be broken, so I hope to see some of those go down in the next few years.”