Senior creates club for environmental change and awareness


Senior Ben Westphal’s passion in environmental studies drove him to found the Green Earth Club at Algonquin. The club raises awareness about environmental issues and educates students about the direct impact of their decisions on the planet’s well-being.

Joceline Giron, Staff Writer

Senior Ben Westphal planted the seeds of the Green Earth Club in his sophomore year and has helped the club grow ever since. 

“What we are hoping to accomplish is to do as much [to help the environment] as possible,” Westphal said.

Along with co-president junior Jolina Dantz, Westphal runs club meetings once a month. These meetings occur during the warmer seasons, as members require idyllic weather conditions to conduct their activities  

As a result of COVID-19, the club has not been able to meet as often as they used to, but their hope is to keep helping the environment by planting trees and collaborating with other schools.

The club went to the Charles River to do a clean-up during Westphal’s sophomore year. There, they found many things that were harmful to the environment such as needles.

“Everyone was just having a really good time and was just excited to do that type of work and just trying to be more environmentally cautious and friendly,” Westphal said. “I think that was the biggest impact. They really found meaning to it.”

Westphal has always loved the outdoors, and as a Boy Scout, he participated in many environmental cleanups. 

“Just going out into the woods and picking up trash, you could see that you were making a difference,” Westphal said.

Westphal plans to continue to do community service and hopes to major in environmental engineering at Tufts University.

“[Renewable energy] has been my passion for a long time,” Westphal said.

Westphal hopes students educate themselves more on what is happening with the environment to become more mindful of their environmental impact. 

“Be aware and be educated,” Westphal said. 

Students who are interested in joining the club should email [email protected] or [email protected]. They may also send the club a direct message on their Instagram page @arhs_greenearth for more information.