Activism has no age


Divakshi Palkar

Staff Writer Victoria Andreev writes that by advocating and staying informed, teenagers can create change even if they cannot vote.

Victoria Andreev, Staff Writer

Gen Z has proven itself to be a powerhouse in terms of advocacy and fighting for change they believe in. With social media being a staple in our everyday lives, it’s now easier than ever to both get informed and involved. As a result of this ever-changing and progressive world, people our age have set records by sparking change at such a young age.

At the moment, some of the most important advocates in our society are part of Gen Z. From fighting for their rights to education and working to combat climate change, to working to dismantle systemic racism, Gen Z advocates such as Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thumberg and Zee Thomas have made headlines with their inspiring work. But we all don’t have to be Malala, Greta or Zee to make an impact on our world. Thousands of teens have found ways to be politically active and strive for change.

But many wonder why teenagers should be advocates if they can’t even vote. The reasoning is that the law still impacts us, even if we were not the one voting for its installment. When you think about it, adults are the ones deciding every detail about your education. Without advocating and speaking up for what we want to see in our school systems, things will never change in a way we, the students, most see fit. We need to fight for changes we want to see in schools, and not only schools, but for problems happening in the world.

Without activism and becoming informed we stand no chance of coming together to create a solution to our problems.”

— Staff Writer Victoria Andreev

One of the major political topics at the moment is climate change. Studies have shown that severe damage is currently being done to our planet and we have mere years to take action before it becomes irreversible. Global temperatures are rising, and we are producing more trash and greenhouse gasses than ever before, all while the government simply sits and watches. Because many of the people in government are older, they will not experience the true effects of climate change that we will. This will leave us and the generations after us to deal with these irreversible problems. Why should we sit back and let this happen when we can stand up and begin to make a change?

Advocacy creates informed citizens; so while most of us can’t vote, eventually we all will be able to. Once that time comes, it will be vital for us to be an informed and educated generation, resulting in a more progressive society. Without activism and becoming informed we stand no chance of coming together to create a solution to our problems. Learning about political topics and staying up to date on current events will create educated voters in the future. Advocacy creates education which creates solutions.

So how do you become an activist?  By learning, listening and then making your voice and opinions heard.  By writing this, I’m being an activist. It’s that simple. This is my effort to make a change, what will yours be?