Algonquin to perform Seinfeld-themed winter show ‘Is This Thing On’


Annabella Ferraiuolo

Algonquin’s stand up show ‘Is This Thing On?’ was prerecorded in the black box and will be streamed on YouTube on Thursday, April 1, at 7 pm.

Ava Aymie, A&E Editor

This Thursday, April 1, at 7 pm students are performing bits from Jerry Seinfeld’s new book, “Is This Anything?” in a show directed by fine and performing arts teacher Maura Morrison and science teacher Brian Kelly called “Is This Thing On?”.

“We are going to have a situation where we have students who are doing stand up,” Morrison said. “The material is all Jerry Seinfeld generated, and there will be a musical guest and a house band! This is all going to be performed in the black box.”

Despite being filmed in the black box, this production will be viewed completely online.

“We are using something called Premiere on Youtube,” Chief Production Engineer sophomore Ben Schanzer said. “It is like a live stream but for something that’s been pre-recorded. At 7 pm this Thursday, people will be able to watch it there.”

This show features over 30 students, some including seniors Miranda Slingluff, Caroline Raps, Hayden Rosenberg, Abigail Lemieux, Sonja Mott and many more.

“Anyone can audition for any show at this school,” Morrison said. “We decided to include everyone who auditioned because we wanted to provide an opportunity for everyone who was interested.”

Alongside the cast, there will be a house band to help guide the mood of the show.

“We have been super fortunate to have [fine and performing arts teacher Eric] Vincent and his band perform late-night Seinfeld-themed music throughout the show,” Schanzer said.

Students can register to watch the live stream of “Is This Thing On?” by visiting or can find it on Youtube any time after the live stream.

“This year everything’s been put on hold and this is gonna be a great opportunity to sit back, watch some theater and have a laugh,” Schanzer said.