Smartwatches keep students safe in school


Divakshi Palkar

Staff Writer Kaitlin Bardsley writes that teachers should allow smartwatches to be worn as they provide many important functions for teens.

Kaitlin Bardsley, Staff Writer

“Take off your watch!” said a loud voice from the front of the classroom. Everyone turned in their seats and looked at the girl in the jean skirt and white flowy shirt. 

She looked up with a bright red face. 

The teacher yelled at her to take off smartwatch.

“Is this right?” I asked myself. Lots of teens in school have smartwatches that they use every day. I know my parents feel better about keeping me safe and easily communicating with me since I have an Apple Watch. 

With my Apple Watch, I can easily read my parents’ text messages and know when they call. Yes, a phone does both of these things, but with a watch always on your wrist, it is nearly impossible to miss a message. 

I also find this less distracting than keeping my phone on my desk because on my phone I am tempted to check my social media. Having a smartwatch, specifically an Apple Watch if you own an iPhone, is easily able to connect to your phone. 

Nobody should just be sitting on their watch in class, but having one is a benefit to students and their families. Teachers should be glad students have a non-distracting way to stay safe with a quick connection to their parents.

While teachers should respect students and what they need to feel comfortable and safe in school, students should also respect teachers when it comes to technology. Therefore it is reasonable for teachers to ask students politely to remove a smartwatch off their wrist prior to an exam. 

Smartwatches have many features to keep people safe. Smartwatches have GPS tracking which is an easy way for parents to keep track of their kids. Parents’ ability to know where their kids are, can make them feel more secure;teens knowing their parents are aware of their location may prevent them from making questionable or even dangerous choices.I know that this makes my parents feel better about letting me go out when I’m wearing my smartwatch.

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Smartwatches do more than just GPS tracking. Teens’ sleep and physical activity are very important, and a Smartwatch can track it for them, helping us realize it’s time to get to bed or get moving. Sleep is especially important to succeed in school and stay healthy, wearing a smartwatch makes it more likely we’ll develop habits to get the sleep we need.

Smartwatches also count the number of steps you take each day, the total number of miles you walk and the number of staircases you climb. This can increase motivation to exercise if you are not happy with where you are at. 

Lastly, teens can set reminders and upload their schedules to their smartwatch. With teenagers having a lot to do in school and daily life, these reminders are a tool to stay organized and on top of our work and responsibilities. 

Teachers need to learn to embrace students wearing smartwatches since they are a tool that helps students stay focused, organized and even safe. Students should embrace their smart watch’s features, but of course, use them responsibly so they are not a distraction but something that can help our lives run more smoothly.