REVIEW: Main Street Pastries and More provides local sweet treats, warm hospitality


Megan Harrington

Staff Writer Megan Harrington writes that Main Street Pastries and More, on 5 West Main St. in Northborough, offers unique and delicious treats not likely to be found in the average supermarket.

Megan Harrington, Staff Writer

If you are feeling crummy and need a delicious baked good to lift your spirits, muffin compares to Main Street Pastries and More. 

Main Street Pastries and More, 5 West Main St. in Northborough, offers a variety of baked goods ranging from coffee cakes, decadent chocolate cupcakes and occasionally savory baked goods. They also offer unique items like decorate your own cookie kits, that come with sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles. 

Customers can order online, pick up or browse in store for what sweets look good. There is no option to dine in-store, so all orders are packed to go. The bakery is just over a year old having opened Oct. 1, 2019, only open six months before the pandemic hit. 

Though newly established, the appearance is that of a comfortably settled business. Glass cases are filled with gourmet cupcakes in a variety of flavors with hand-placed decorations that hint at the filling hidden inside the cupcake. Along with the classic flavors, unique recipes are also featured, such as the 14k gold cupcake ($4.25). The cupcake is filled with peanut butter, caramel and pretzels, topped off with more caramel and a pretzel stick. All goods are baked in-store which is reflected in the fresh taste of the goods. These gourmet cupcakes are something you would never be able to find in the average supermarket. 

Also of great popularity and a new trend are the beautifully decorated hot chocolate bombs ($5-$7). They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. When melted in hot milk, they melt open and release marshmallows that make the perfect drink to have on a cold winter day. 

But what warms the soul even more is their customer service and hospitality. When I went to buy some goods, the store’s owner came out and explained all the different options to me and was more than willing to answer any questions I had. This kindness and consideration are also reflected in the menu, as they offer a large selection of gluten-free items and will take requests if anyone has allergies. 

The only drawback is not the food itself, but the size and location of the store. Tucked away in a corner next to the Richdale convenience store, it can be hard to find. Once inside, the store is small and could easily become crowded if there are more than three customers, making it hard to practice social distancing. However, the food itself more than makes up for these minor faults and it feels good to know when you shop there, you are supporting a small local business.  

If social distancing has you down and you need a morale-boosting treat, shop local and go to Main Street Pastries and More because this bakery is the (hot chocolate) bomb.