Buy unique holiday treats, support Black businesses


Lindsey Rodman

Supporting Black business during the holiday season can leave you with great products and a better understanding of Black culture.

Abby Keene, Staff Writer

As we roll into the holiday season, especially during COVID, consider doing your Christmas shopping online! Why not support some Black-owned small businesses while you’re at it? It’s important we provide a platform for POC business owners who have been overlooked due to systematic oppression. Small purchases can be a huge step in the right direction. Below is a list of different sites to browse owned by various Black retailers. Enjoy!


$- under $50

$$- under $100

$$$- over $100

Beauty Bakerie $

Beauty Bakerie is a small cosmetics company owned by Cashmere Nicole. Her brand has many types of makeup products, from powders to lip gloss, all packaged just like ingredients or baked goods. The adorable packaging and commitment to quality makes Beauty Bakerie a great choice for any cosmetics lovers in your life.

Brave and Kind Bookshop$-$$

This book shop is a great place to find unique pieces of literature. You can also subscribe to monthly book deliveries and attend virtual book fairs. The children’s monthly book box ($20) is a great gift for anyone with kids in your life! Stationary and other fun knick knacks are also available.

Khiry $$$

Started by Jameel Mohammed, this jewelry company uses African influence to create high quality, beautiful pieces. Any piece from this store would be a fabulous addition to your loved one’s jewelry box.

Shades of Shades $$$

Marsha Douglas-Sydner was sick of having to search endlessly for high quality sunglasses that complimented her complexion as a Black woman. Instead of continuing the hunt, she created her own. Shades of Shades has unique sunglasses in and for every skin shade. The inclusivity makes this brand a must-shop for the holiday season.

Salt n Sprinkles $

This delicious vegan bake shop is Los Angeles based, but ships nationwide. They sell mason jar cookie mixes, already baked cookies and other cruelty-free treats. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this is a must shop! Skip the box of chocolates, buy cookies instead.

Ivy’s Tea $

This unique tea company sells tea and all the fixings in unique flavors inspired by Asia and Africa. They sell lemon infused honey, which is totally on my wish list this Christmas. Tea is a great gift for anybody, and it’s universal!

Supporting the Black community during your holiday shopping not only will provide you with great products, but also a deeper understanding of Black culture through these unique businesses.