Senior creates custom kicks for cash


Instagram @sonjascustomprettythings

Senior Sonja Mott has been selling custom shoes and art through her Instagram, @sonjascustomprettythings. Being a business owner has allowed Mott to make some cash during quarantine and express herself artistically.

Henry Antino, Staff Writer

During quarantine, one of the most isolating times in recent history, senior Sonja Mott has found time to express herself artistically and make some money doing it.

Along with encouragement from senior John Parks, and the extra time quarantine granted her, Mott began selling her custom shoes and art through Instagram.

 “I’ve loved art since I was young,” Mott said. “And after I talked with John I thought, ‘Oh I could make a little cash doing this.’” 

After posting some custom shoes and clothing on her Instagram account, @sonjascustomprettythings, the business quickly started to pick up. Mott made over $100 in her first month and has really enjoyed how being a business owner makes her feel.

 “I felt really proud and professional.” Mott said after selling her first item.

Mott’s business functions primarily on commissions, although she still finds ways to add her own artistic influence.

“People will give me colors they want, and I’ll just run with it adding my own inspiration and touch,” Mott said.

One of her favorite pieces she has made is a pair of custom white Nike Air Force 1. The sneakers feature a portrait of pop star Billie Eilish with green accent colors and the singer’s name across the toe box of the shoes.

The process doesn’t start and end with painting. Mott must choose the right paint supplies for the project, stencil out her plan and then prepare the shoes. However, these changes depend on whether the customer supplies the shoes or not.

“New shoes can be nerve-wracking, but the old ones I have to clean,” Mott said. “People usually don’t think about that.”

Mott plans to pursue a career in art, although she is still not sure of the exact path she wants to take. Whether it be teaching, art therapy or another form of art expression Mott will, once again, be in a position to pursue her passion.

 “I am applying to a lot of art schools, but the end spot is kind of unknown right now,” Mott said.