New Fine and Performing Arts teacher Goliger hopes to continue singing, meeting students in person


Clarabel Edlemon

New Fine and Performing Arts teacher Olivia Goliger is excited to get to know her students and overcome the challenges of teaching over Zoom.

Billy Smith, Staff Writer

New Fine and Performing Arts teacher Olivia Goliger fills her life with music. In addition to being a teacher, she is a vocalist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Festival Chorus.

“I feel incredibly lucky each time I get to sing in a concert,” Goliger said.

Goliger comes from a musical family which she said led her toward becoming a Fine and Performing Arts teacher. She graduated from Providence College in 2017 and worked at Franklin High School for the last three years.

Goliger said one of the hardest parts about teaching this year was getting to know people over Zoom and the silent classes. 

Goliger, who teaches chorus, is thankful for the opportunity to have kids in school with the hybrid schedule. Goliger recalls all the laughs and unexpected moments at Franklin. One of these moments has stuck with her since.

“This student would come in to practice on my piano in the mornings and one day when I got into school and said hello to him, he turned to face me and say hi back, and the bench just gave out,” Goliger said in an email interview. “We had a good laugh.”

Getting to know her students online was a new experience for her as she would normally be able to form relationships right away if she was in a classroom full of students. 

Goliger hopes COVID guidelines allow for concerts as well as more time to meet her students in person. 

For the last two years, Goliger, a Mezzo-Soprano whose vocal range is between soprano and contralto, has performed in Tanglewood Festival chorus with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

“I am hopeful to continue singing with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus as long as I’m in the area and have the time to commit to the group,” Goliger said.

Goliger is really hoping that COVID guidelines allow for concerts as well as more time to meet her students in person. She is very grateful to have such an amazing staff to help her and for the ability to see students in person, even if it’s only twice a week.