Senior turns passion for photography into profit


Submitted Jade Hom

Senior Jade Hom has turned her love for photography into a business, Jade Hom Photography. Hom has conducted many photoshoots and senior portraits sessions for peers.

Katherine Wu, Staff Writer

Some might see photography as just a fun activity, but senior Jade Hom has found a way to turn her passion into profit while still giving back to the community.

Hom has always been inspired by photography, but she only started taking pictures and fell in love with photography during the second semester of her sophomore year, when she took photo class 1 to fulfill her art requirement. The following summer, she started her portrait-taking photography business, Jade Hom Photography.

“It was a good outlet because I was going through some tough times,” Hom said. “For example, I stopped playing a sport after eight years.”

This year, Hom has taken senior portraits for over 10 of her peers. 

“If I’m taking portraits, such as senior pictures, they really help make people happy and I love getting to give back to the community and making people happy,” Hom said.

According to her website,, each senior portrait session costs $50 and includes at least ten selected images delivered in an online gallery. This is a low price compared to the national average of about $175 per session.

Hom has had photoshoots in numerous locations, but she does not have a specific favorite. However, she really enjoys taking photos in fields or in the city.

“Fields are just so peaceful,” Hom said. “And in the city, every turn is a different change of scenery, so it’s all just really interesting.” 

With all these senior portrait sessions, Hom is really striving to improve her existing photography techniques, such as backlit photos. Backlighting is a popular technique that involves positioning the main light source for a photo behind the subject.

In addition to portraits, Hom enjoys taking cityscape and landscape photos.

“When I’m shooting a landscape or cityscape, it’s really just about spreading a message that people may not see or realize,” Hom said. 

Hom draws inspiration from other photographers, including Lizzie Pierce and her partner Chris Hao for landscapes and cityscapes, and Julia Trotti for portraits.

Currently, Hom plans to continue photography in college, but just as a side hobby. She encourages other people to pursue their passions as well.

“I’m still sometimes in disbelief of how far I’ve gone,” Hom said. “I didn’t think I would ever come this far. If there’s something you really love, you will teach yourself the most about it naturally through the experience, and you really just have to be passionate. You never know where you’re going to end up.”