Johnson, Ely come together to create fun, memorable yearbook


Olivia Battles

Co-Editors-in-Chief of the yearbook, Kathleen Ely and Catey Johnson sit down to discuss page layouts after school. Despite requiring a lot of work and commitment, Johnson and Ely have found it fun and easy to work with each other.

Megan Harrington, Staff Writer

Seniors Catey Johnson and Kathleen Ely are this year’s Co-Editors-in-Chief of the yearbook and are working together to face the challenges of producing a yearbook in the middle of a pandemic.

Having been friends for four years, Johnson and Ely are no strangers to spending a lot of time together; this year, they will be spending even more time with each other as co-editors-in-chief. Although some friends may find it hard to become work partners, Johnson and Ely have found a balance between business and pleasure. 

“I am glad we are working together rather than working alone,” Ely said. “It is nice to have someone to balance work, and we work really well together.”

Both editors joined the yearbook committee their junior year at the suggestion of previous Editor-in-Chief Apple Lin. They were both instrumental in creating the yearbook last year and are thus now prepared to take on the new challenge of being co-editors-in-chief.

Due to the pandemic, many events such as prom will be missing in this year’s yearbook, but they are working hard to create new fun pages, such as the revival of teacher superlatives. 

“The yearbook is an important part of senior year, and it is cool to have a part in it; hopefully, we do it justice,” Ely said. “We want to make sure everyone feels represented in the yearbook, and we want everyone to be satisfied with the outcome.”

Yearbook advisers Lorraine Zanini and Lauren Frantz are guiding them through these challenges. Zanini has been the adviser for over 20 years, and she helps Johnson and Ely learn as they go. 

According to Johnson, the yearbook is a large time commitment, but both editors enjoy the process of making the book. 

“I enjoy that we get to create a book that students will be able to look back on and remember their high school days,” Johnson said.

Johnson and Ely recommend that anyone interested in seeing updates about yearbook deadlines should follow @arhsyearbook on Instagram.