Algonquin’s Closet: Sweater vests; the trendiest thing in your grandpa’s closet


Ava Aymie

Assistant A&E Editor Jessie Lambert pairs a sweater vest with her outfit, adding pops of color to her fall fit.

Sweater vests. A trend I never thought I would see resurface into the fashion world again. Although surprising, I am totally here for this grandpa chic moment that everyone is going crazy over. 

While bringing a vintage vibe to your outfit, sweater vests are a resurfacing trend from the ’90s and ’00s. A sweater vest look is a unisex option for people that want to make a bold statement. If we look back to the 90s pop culture, we can see the sweater vest is extremely prominent. Take the movie “Clueless” for example. The main character Cher is noted for her fashionable looks, and can often be found wearing the style of sweater vests that are so popular today. My favorite of her looks is the iconic plaid skirt and jacket set, of course, paired with a yellow sweater vest.

Since the ’90s, sweater vests have been associated with more of a preppy look seen in boarding school students and professionals rather than an everyday outfit. Now, the sweater vest is getting the hype it deserves, reemerging into the fashion world on the bodies of trendsetters everywhere. 

This fall, runway shows are incorporating sweater vest styles. Dior, Gucci, and Prada have all showcased the sweater vest look on the 2020 fall runway, so if high-end fashion companies say yes to the vest, you should too.

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There are many ways you could style a sweater vest, but here is how I would wear mine. First, I would put on a plain short-sleeve shirt with the sweater vest over it. Personally, I would try and find a way to make the colors in the vest match the tee underneath. However, I am picky so this step isn’t necessary. Next, I would wear a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are another super popular trend (which also nods to Cher in “Clueless”), so matching the two can really show your fashion knowledge. Lastly, I would pair some form of boots with it. I love my Doc Martens because they really add a fall vibe to the entire outfit.

Overall, I would score the sweater vest an 8.5 out of 10. My reasoning for not rating it higher is strictly because of how recently it has become popular. For a long time, I’ve had a negative connotation when thinking about the sweater vest, so it’s hard to switch my mentality so quickly. Nonetheless, they encapsulate the impression that you are classy and put together while remaining comfortable. Also, they are the perfect solution for confusing fall weather, keeping you warm in the cold mornings, but not suffocating you in the warm afternoons. The sweater vest is a must-wear in order to stay on top of 2020s fashion trends.