Walsh leaves Algonquin after dedication to student welfare


Photo Maggie Del Re

Dr. Sara Pragluski Walsh [third from left] showcasing her Halloween spirit alongside her co-administrators. Walsh has left after three years of such spirit and commitment as Algonquin principal.

Claire Bai and Laura Anderson

The 2019-20 school year was Dr. Sara Pragluski Walsh’s last as principal at Algonquin since her contract was not renewed earlier in the year.

Although she was only principal for three years, she implemented strategies across a variety of platforms that have made a lasting impact on students’ learning accessibility.

“[I am most proud of] expanding and providing improved academic and social emotional supports and access for all students,” Walsh said in an interview via email.

These supports included the start of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, her support of the Algonquin Writing Center (AWC), the introduction of mindful moments and a therapy dog as well as behind the scenes work coordinating academic programs with both teachers and students.

In her years as principal, Walsh admired the pride shown at Algonquin.

“[I will miss most] the pride every stakeholder has in both academic and extracurricular excellence,” Walsh said in her email.

Walsh’s administrative assistant, Michelle Capalbo, observed this passion in Walsh as well.

“I admire her tenacity and her dedication to the students,” Capalbo said in an interview via email. “She always puts the student’s welfare first and is 100% committed to Algonquin.”

For the future, Walsh encourages students to cultivate a positive environment.

“Remember to foster positive thinking and kindness: the more we share and pay this forward the more we all benefit in all aspects of life!” Walsh said in her email.

Capalbo realizes that every principal is unique; however, she and Walsh both hope the new principal, Sean Bevan, will acknowledge the views of the Algonquin community.

“I hope the new principal will take the time to get to know the faculty, staff and students as well as be open to suggestions and ideas to continue to move Algonquin forward,” Capalbo said in her email.

Going forward, Walsh is not yet aware of her future ventures; however, she is excited to see where they take her.

“There have been some major changes in the fiscal landscape in public education, and I look forward to tackling these challenges while working on my next path in life,” Walsh said in her email.