Pandemic Albums: An escape outdoors


Jessie Lambert

My dog, Casco, gets his exercise by sprinting with joy throughout an open field.

Jessie Lambert, Staff Writer

In order to pass the time, my sisters and I have picked up skateboarding. Each day, we practice a little bit more and improve.
(Jessie Lambert )

Quarantine has definitely changed my daily life in both good and bad ways. It has limited me from seeing my closest friends and family, eating out at restaurants, going shopping and the list goes on. With that being said, quarantine has not been all bad. It has allowed me to go outside more, spend more time with my parents and sisters and pick up new hobbies like skateboarding and hiking with my dog.

As a hot summer day comes to end, what better way to wind down than a bonfire? My family and I gathered around the fire roasting marshmallows and talking amongst ourselves. (Jessie Lambert )

Going outside has definitely been the most important part of my quarantine. It allows me to take my dog on walks, soak up the sun or get some exercise. Especially with the weather getting warmer, I have been doing everything from school work to eating my lunch outdoors. My time outdoors in the warm weather has definitely improved my mood throughout quarantine.

Although quarantine may stop a birthday party, it does not stop all celebrations. My family organized a surprise birthday parade for me which included all my close family and friends. (Jessie Lambert )

I often wish to go back to the way things used to be before the coronavirus outbreak, but I am somewhat grateful for the opportunities this pandemic has given me to try new things.

After walks on the beach, hikes and constant playing with each other, my dog Casco and my cousin’s dog Jags rest side by side on the grass for just a few minutes before their playing resumes. (Jessie Lambert )

My dog, for instance, has never been happier. All of my family is home allowing him to be the center of attention and taken for long walks. He is completely unaware of the craziness happening throughout the world.