REVIEW: ‘Forever My Girl’ captures viewers with heartfelt hometown romance


Courtesy LD Entertainment

Staff Writer Marin Klein writes that ‘Forever My Girl’ is a feel-good film fit for any viewer.

Marin Klein, Staff Writer

Everyone loves country love songs with a story of fighting to get someone back or winning them over. And you can feel the emotional ups and downs when that fight for love is in a country music infused movie.

“Forever My Girl”  follows the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of fictional country star, Liam Page (Alex Roe), as he returns to his hometown. There he faces his past through confronting his father (John Benjamin Hickey), Josie (Jessica Rothe), the girl he left at the altar, and Billy (Abby Ryder Fortson), Josie’s seven-year-old daughter, who Liam learns is his daughter too.

His return reveals secrets and confessions as Liam tries to connect with Billy and win Josie back since he had never gotten over her. We see Liam adapt from life in the spotlight to struggling to work a child’s car seat.

Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe both do an excellent job portraying their characters, who are both facing struggles. Their characters have had losses and hardships that they carry on their shoulders, and through this movie, Roe and Rothe bring them to life and show the healing of their characters together.

Fortson is absolutely adorable and brings humor into the film as Billy often seems like more of an adult than her father is. 

Set in a small, beautiful Louisiana town, the movie is wrapped in hometown charm. Whether it’s the cute downtown, the little white church, or the beautiful fields, the audience feels small-town comfort at every turn. 

“Forever My Girl” is based on the novel “Forever My Girl” by Heidi McLaughlin, and the movie brings a lively twist to the book with a strong country soundtrack featuring artists such as Josh Turner and Little Big Town, as well as original songs performed by Roe. Roe performs an original, “Smokin’ and Crying’” which brings a lot of emotion into a heartbreaking scene in the movie.

While the movie didn’t get a ton of recognition when it came out in 2018,  it is definitely a must-watch, especially for romance lovers. I found myself smiling, laughing and crying during this film, watching the ups and downs of these characters.

“Forever My Girl” (available on Amazon Prime and Hulu) is really a sweet romantic story for all ages and is guaranteed to warm your heart, but not only that. It’s a story of emotional struggle, dealing with the past and fighting for what you love.