Senior Reflection: A message to my freshman self — embrace the lessons you’ll learn


Submitted Liza Armstrong

Liza Armstrong, Online Editor

Hi freshman Liza,

Well, we made it. No more classes and your (video) graduation is in sight. Since I’ve burned myself out writing essays these past four years, I’ve created an itemized list of what you should know.

1) Don’t take anything for granted. See that video graduation. Well, you graduate in what’ll be considered one of the worst pandemics in human history, so your senior year ended on a random March Thursday (and with it all the traditional fun of second semester). But you’ll be able to contemplate what makes high school so important in modern American life.

2) You’ll somewhat understand why high school is important. Yes, you had fun, but let’s focus on the hell you (willingly) put yourself through. You’ll spend countless nights getting three hours of sleep due to intensive studying, to still not get the grades you want (just accept you’ll never be a STEM student). You’ll pour yourself into so many (meaningful) extracurriculars. You’ll spend many nights at home seeing others (many of whom aren’t in your friend circle who like you have submitted themselves to the same four year sentence) having the “movie-esq” experience.

3) Trust me, this hell is worth it. Even though you prioritize academics and your many, many other responsibilities over your health, you have fun. You’ll realize that your teachers really do care about you, and you’ll form some pretty great connections with them (even the ones that teach the subject you very clearly don’t care about). And I promise you: you will have fun. It won’t be the fun you saw on middle school TV shows, but then again, that was never you. You’ll meet some really cool people in your classes and clubs that become some of your closest friends who’ll commiserate and celebrate with you. You’ll make lasting memories with these people, even if it isn’t at those house parties you think you’ll be attending. 

4) These four years really help you understand yourself. Remember that rah-rah spirit school you think you’re going to? Well, you don’t go. Instead you pick a school whose motto is “The city is your campus” (read: enjoy being a pseudo-New Yorker over a traditional college student), but these four years will show you that that’s the place for you (and a boozy brunch or a rooftop bar sounds like more fun than a crowded frat basement to 18 year old you anyway).

That’s all you need to know. Enjoy finding out what this fun I talk about is (get comfortable with Cold Stone). Now, time for us to figure out what we’re gonna do with the media degree we decided to get (Mom thinks it really fits our strengths and I think we’ll be happier doing what we love so we’ll see this one out).


A very tired and done senior Liza