Senior Reflection: Forgetting myself


Submitted Meredith Lapidas

Meredith Lapidas

Algonquin offered so many opportunities that I missed. I used to be a theatre kid, a singer, a musician, and an avid artist. Algonquin offered all of these types of classes and clubs. So, why didn’t I take those opportunities? 

For some reason, I found myself gravitating towards Speech & Debate, DECA, Investment Club, Steering Committee, and anything else that I found would be “intellectually intriguing.” Part of this was because I had thought that colleges favored these topics over painting and plays. The other part of me actually enjoyed business, leadership, and helping others, so I guess it worked. 

Well, it worked, but it left half of me malnourished.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to be class secretary, vice president, and a student advisor. I loved every minute of competing in DECA, and being a writing tutor was also refreshing and educational. But, my artistic side never graced Algonquin like I had once hoped.

In middle school I was part of band, chorus, musicals, art classes and more. I honestly saw myself doing at least some of this in high school. The most I got to in reality were fundamental art classes at Algonquin.

I’m now on my way to college in California, a state that’s the center of the fruitful arts, knowing that I missed the opportunities I was given in high school to further these interests. I missed the band and chorus practices, long nights with friends in the musicals, and finding out if I liked pottery or photography. Now I’m majoring in engineering and fear I may not be able to pursue the arts LA could offer me with such a heavy workload.

Don’t be me and forget half of yourself. Yes, I got into one of my dream schools, but it was at a price. I wanted to be an actress, a painter of portraits, a muse. Instead, I convinced myself that I had to grow out of these passions and forgot the arts altogether. Make sure to take a hold of every opportunity that Algonquin offers you; you can be both artistic and business oriented, a leader and a performer, smart and musical! It’s about embracing all sides of you.