Quarantine Q&A: Junior Ilyas DuPont


Submitted Ilyas DuPont

Colleen Mulligan, Staff Writer

This interview was done remotely due to COVID-19 precautions.

What have you enjoyed most about COVID-19 precautions and social distancing? 

“There’s a lot of time for self reflection or growth.”

What is the worst part of COVID-19 precautions and social distancing?

 “Not getting to see my friends.”

How have you been keeping yourself busy? 

“I’ve been working out, and learned how to cook.”

What predictions, hopes or fears do you have?

 “I hope this ends up getting better over summer, and one of my biggest fears is that we lose this fall and it happens again in winter cause I don’t want to lose my senior year.”

What do you think about the 75% option that was added to the grading options?

“I don’t like it; I feel like it’s hard for kids to succeed during this at home and adding Cs hurts them in more ways than it helps.”