Pandemic Albums: Capturing emotion and memories


Annabella Ferraiuolo

One of the many photos I have taken of the dog during one of our family hikes. I normally would’ve never brought my camera on a hike with me but since every little thing has become a big event, I have taken my camera with me everywhere.

Annabella Ferraiuolo, Photo Editor

Annabella Ferraiuolo
My online dance classes and my mom’s virtual workout classes have become what life in our house revolves around. What was once our living room has filled with exercise and dance equipment, a ballet barre and plenty of free space. The changes and impact of what COVID-19 has had on our household has become an important subject for my photos.

When quarantine started, I was filled with disappointment over all of the experiences and events that I would be missing out on. In all honesty, I figured my brand new camera was going to be sitting in my room collecting dust. However, I’ve never used my camera or Photoshop as much.

Annabella Ferraiuolo
This is one of my favorite photos I have edited in my quarantine editing binge. Not only does it represent my favorite place but it also reminds me of the fun time I had just before this all started.

With the endless amount of cancellations, I felt my dreams of going to college in California were slipping away. I normally don’t care to edit photos, but editing my photos from my recent trip to California helped me to hold onto my dream.

Once I edited almost every photo on my computer, I started taking photos of everything in my daily life, from online dance, random things in my room and the walks and hikes family members always force me to go on. 

Everything changed a few weeks ago when my Great-Grandmother passed away unexpectedly.

Annabella Ferraiuolo
One thing I had taken so many photos of prior to the unexpected passing of my great grandmother was my bed side table, however I didn’t care for any of them. When I got home from the funeral I searched everywhere for a meaningful place for the prayer cards before remembering how insignificant I thought the table was.
Annabella Ferraiuolo
During one of my many walks around Northborough, I began noticing how great the areas I pass by everyday are for photos. The more I walked and the more photos that I took, the more I began to love taking landscape photos.

For about a week I couldn’t bring myself to take photos until we went to visit her house one last time. At that moment, I remembered why I thought photography was especially important right now. How else can we capture the importance of this unique time if not for photography?