SENIOR ATHLETE REFLECTION: Cerro reflects on softball career as a lone senior player


John McAuliffe

Senior Sydney Cerro gazes forward as she waits for pitch in her batting position.

Melissa Dai, Assistant News Editor

This interview was done remotely due to COVID-19 precautions.

Because of the cancellation of the 2020 spring sports season, senior athletes reflected on the best moments from their time playing their sport at Algonquin.

What are you most proud of from your time playing softball at Algonquin?

“Just that I might have had an impact on the younger players. Last year as a junior I tried my best to be a role model and teach the younger girls what really matters at the end of the day. We always have so much fun and I think other teams can get too caught up in the competition but for us, it’s always been about a love for the sport. So I guess I’m just proud that I got to pass my experience onto the younger girls so they can have just as much fun as I did.”

What will you miss most from playing softball at Algonquin?

“I’ve played so many sports over the years that I’ve learned that the team you’re a part of is more important than the sport itself. I’m going to miss the girls more than anything. I just love being able to be outside every day with Morcone and my girls and we just have so much fun at practice and games and it’s one of the most supportive environments I’ve ever been in. Everyone is kind and we all push each other to do our best, so I’ll miss my team the most.”

What is your favorite memory of softball at Algonquin?

“There’s been a lot of amazing plays and catches and wins, wayyy too many to count. But I think my favorite memory is actually when our game at Marlboro got canceled and we had a dance party in the rain. Obviously we all wanted to play that day, but we took something negative and made it one of the funniest days I’ve had, so I think that says a lot about the kind of team we are.”