Coffee Shop Quest: Coffee tips during coronavirus


Amy Sullivan

Assistant Sports Editor Amy Sullivan’s iced mocha with cream from Dunkin’ Donuts. This has been her go-to coffee order since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Amy Sullivan, Assistant Sports Editor

Unfortunately, my quest to find the perfect coffee shop has to be put on hold due to the coronavirus. Many coffee shops are closed and if they’re not closed, then there is no option to “dine in” per se, so I could not truly review the coffee shops. 

So now, instead of reviewing coffee shops, since I really can’t do that, I’m going to try alternatives and explore different ways to drink coffee during this quarantine.

Right now, I am going to Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee. My typical order is an iced mocha with cream, and it’s really good. My mom usually orders the coffees ahead of time and goes in and gets them (thanks mom!). 

First off, like I said above, you can always go to coffee shops that are still up and running. I know that as of now, Dunkin’ Donuts is still open. Drive thru may be a better option than walking in, but there is still possible risk exposing yourself to the virus. Some other coffee shops near you may be open, “grab and go style,” meaning you just get your order and leave. It’s important to check the coffee shop before you go to make sure it is open for business.

The second choice, which may be the better choice for a number of reasons, is to stay home and experiment with making your own coffee. If you have some type of coffee maker, this could be a great chance to make your own coffee. 

The benefits? There are many. First and foremost, you’re staying within your own home, which is essential during times like these. 

This could also be a great way to save a little money. Yes, when you get a coffee from a coffee shop, it doesn’t seem expensive, maybe two to five dollars, but that can add up over time. Using K-cups or another way to make coffee, can save you big bucks, especially over a long period of time. 

Plus, you’re helping the environment! You wouldn’t be using the plastic cups many coffee shops have. And even if you do have your own reusable cup, coffee shops are not taking those right now to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Lastly, you can experiment! You can try out new flavors or combinations you weren’t willing to pay for at a coffee shop. You can have some fun with your coffee flavors, or stick to your normal everyday coffee favorite. Either way, during your time at home, you can make your own coffee and explore new flavors and recipes! I haven’t made any homemade coffees, but I would like to try some type of mocha flavor, and maybe a caramel flavor too.

Overall, through this uncertain and quite frankly, scary time, your cup of coffee, just the way you like it, can still be part of your day. 

And in my next post, I plan to try out and review a fun at home coffee recipe I have seen!