Listen: Students’, editors’ top songs for quarantine

Why some songs were chosen

“Affulenza”- Conan Gray: “It just came out last week and his whole debut album slaps,” Editor-in-Chief Catherine Hayden writes. “I think any of the songs on that album can be fitting for quarantine time just because the whole release of the album had to come digitally (ex: livestreams instead of in-person events).”

“The Lazy Song” – Bruno Mars: “It probably resonates with a lot of people who don’t have anything to do or no motivation to do it,” Assistant News Editor Melissa Dai writes.

“In My Room” – Frank Ocean: “We’re all pretty much stuck in our rooms during this quarantine,” Sports Editor Jenny Lambert writes. Also, Frank Ocean is a pretty popular artist right now that a lot of kids at our school enjoy listening to.”

“Sunday Best” – Surfaces: “It is a pretty upbeat and happy song that could boost some listener’s moods,” Assistant Sports Editor Amy Sullivan writes.

“Good Old Days” – Mackelmore (ft. Kesha): “It’s a song about making the most of life so years later you won’t dwell on your past experiences with the feeling of regret. The central idea is to live your life to the fullest and not let anyone including yourself hold you back,” sophomore Anna Gulbankian writes.

“My Stress” – NF: “I chose this song because “My Stress” deals with getting relief from stress even though stress can be used for motivation to achieve more in life and accomplish obstacles in life,” sophomore Cindy Ramirez Vega writes. “It also accomplishes more to identify those tendencies and prevents the stress from changing our passions in life.

“Take Me to the River” – Talking Heads: “My dad had this fish on the wall and when we pushed this button, the fish started to sing this song. Just popped into my head and was the first song I thought of,” sophomore Tyler Clancy writes.

“My Life” – Billy Joel: “My understanding is that the song is about a guy who just doesn’t want someone else controlling his life; just as none of us want the coronavirus controlling ours and postpone (or even deleting) opportunities,” sophomore Tobin Moore writes.

“We Are The Champions” – Queen: “The people in that song have gone through a lot of roughing up (like the coronavirus) but they have overcome it all (as is my hope for how we will overcome the coronavirus) and they are celebrating that,” sophomore Tobin Moore writes.

“One Day” – Matisyahu: “It’s all about a man that wants world peace with no more fighting and simply having faith in humanity…This song can relate to what our world is going through today, sophomore Mackenzie McAvey writes. “Not that we’re in a war, but the uncertainty of this time is like wartime. What we all need right now is reassurance and faith that we’ll all make it out of this alright.”