Algonquin Writing Center launches online tutoring


Courtesy Algonquin Writing Center

The Algonquin Writing Center will begin offering online tutoring services on Monday, March 30.

Aaliyah Yan, Opinion Editor

Starting Monday, March 30, the Algonquin Writing Center plans on offering its services online through its website.

“We will be offering asynchronous services, so you won’t actually be talking to a tutor,” tutor and senior Paul Probst said.  “You will go to the writing center website and submit your piece of writing. And within 72 hours a tutor will provide feedback.”

The writing center will continue its online tutoring service when school resumes.

“We plan on keeping this up when we go back to school because some students don’t have the same opportunities or resources that let them go to the writing center,” Probst said. “This is especially helpful if students have to go home to take care of siblings, go to work, or they just have other clubs and sports after school.”

The online services provide the same options students would have if they went to the writing center in person but offers more flexibility regarding their schedule.  

“This works for any piece of writing whether it’s academic or personal,” Probst said. “You can also submit at any stage of the writing process whether you are brainstorming or working on your final draft. The writer can leave feedback, comments, and suggestions, similar to what they would do in person.”