Quarantine Q&A: Sophomore Monica Doherty

Claire Bai, Assistant News Editor

This interview was done remotely due to COVID-19 precautions.

What have you enjoyed most about COVID-19 precautions and social distancing?

“I have most enjoyed getting to sleep enough at night and being able to take breaks when doing schoolwork.”

What is the worst part of COVID-19 precautions and social distancing?

“The worst thing about the social distancing is that I can no longer participate in any of my four activities. This has made me feel more irritable, as well as worried about losing strength or skill when I go back.”

How have you been keeping yourself busy?

“I have been doing schoolwork as well as crafts and activities I had been putting off. I also have tried to get outside at least once a day (walk, run, bike, etc.) I also had my first online dance class today, and it was nice to see most of everyone and to exercise a bit again.”

What predictions, hopes or fears do you have?

”My honest prediction is that we will be out of school for the rest of the year, based on trends I have seen in other countries as well as other states. I fear that I will be out of activities for a long time and that we will have a lot of make-up work at the beginning of next year. Another fear would be that AP tests won’t be recognized by colleges as credit.”

What is your favorite TV show?

”I do not really have one, but shows I enjoy include The Office and Gravity Falls.”