Friends turn passion for music into rock cover band


Jonny Ratner

[From left to right] freshman Daniel Bousch and sophomores Connor Vietch and Ben Guggina perform at the Variety Show on Feb. 13. These three and sophomores Evan Clifford and Thomas Davis make up the band Autumn Roots.

Jessie Lambert, Staff Writer

Autumn Roots, a band composed of four sophomores and one freshman, express their love for the rock genre by performing at school events and covering their favorite bands. 

 In October of 2019, sophomores guitar player Thomas Davis and bass player Connor Vietch decided to get a group of boys together to cover rock songs. They recruited sophomores Ben Guggina on guitar, Evan Clifford on drums and freshman Daniel Boush as a singer. 

“I’ve played in different bands for many years now, and I finally found a good one with people who shared the same passion as me,” Davis said.

Davis has played guitar for seven years, but like all of the other band members, he had an interest in music for almost all of his life. 

“I’ve always had a love for music, and I think we all have always had a love for music,” Davis said. “So, I finally found a group of kids that liked to do it and went from there.” 

Currently, the band only performs rock covers and each individual member’s inspiration varies. Guggina, for example, is influenced by guitarist Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and enjoys covering Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. 

“My favorite part about the band is getting to play with other people and the good energy it brings,” Guggina said. “Just playing in the band is a lot of fun for me.” 

 The name Autumn Roots was inspired by the season in which the band was created. They perform as often as every few weeks to every month, depending on the opportunities they have. The majority of their shows have been in school, such as the Variety Show, but they are looking to expand beyond that.

“I think in the future, recording our own music and playing gigs outside of school would be a great opportunity for Autumn Roots,” Boush said. 

Autumn Roots promote themselves on Instagram, @_autumnroots_, and on their website,, where they post details about upcoming shows, information about the different members, and pictures of the band playing. They also allow fans to subscribe for band updates, so you never miss a show. 

“Not only is performing in front of an audience fun, but just hanging out and rehearsing with everyone in the group is a lot of fun,” Boush said. “Overall, I feel like we have all gotten closer throughout time.”

Editor’s Note: The original article had freshman Daniel Boush’s name as David Boush