Quarantine Q&A: Sophomore Juan Benatuil

Marin Klein, Staff Writer

This interview was done remotely due to COVID-19 precautions

What have you enjoyed most about COVID-19 precautions and social distancing?

“I’ve probably enjoyed the break from school because it is stress relieving and I can spend time with my family.”

What is the worst part of COVID-19 precautions and social distancing?

“Being away from my friends and having to be careful from germs.”

How have you been keeping yourself busy?

“I have been working around the house, I cleaned the bathroom and painted the walls. I’ve been working out, playing video and board games, watching Netflix and taking time to myself.”

What predictions, hopes or fears do you have?

“My fear is that my grandfather will get corona since he is far in Houston and I’m worried drivers ed will get canceled.”

What is your go-to quarantine snack?

“My go to snack would be any type of chocolate.”