School implements mindful moment to reduce stress


Annabella Ferraiuolo

During the 10-minute mindful moment in between periods 2 and 3, students line up to purchase Chick-fil-A and other snacks at the school store.

The second semester bell schedule includes a 10-minute mindful moment on Tuesdays through Fridays to help with students’ stress levels and mental health concerns.

“The students were very articulate last year when we were doing pilot schedules in that they made thematic qualitative statements of ‘the day is too rushed,’ ‘the day is too stressed,’ ‘I can’t make connections with friends and teachers because I don’t have the time,’” Principal Dr. Sara Pragluski Walsh said. “Teachers made similar comments that for students it was too stressful of a day and that they wanted to make connections with students and didn’t have time.”

MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey data also supported the fact that students needed a break in their day, according to Walsh. Because of this, she believes students will make good use of the mindful moment.

“I trust you, and I know that you will use those 10 minutes to help your mental health, social/emotional well-being and academics,” Walsh said.

According to Walsh, the mindful moment will continue for the rest of the year unless serious behavior issues occur and may continue into the following years if the current schedule stays the same.