Valentine’s Day: The best day of the year to be single


Kyla Pelham

Opinion Editor Aaliyah Yan writes that Valentine’s Day is a great time to be single because you don’t have to spend money or stress over a significant other.

Aaliyah Yan, Opinion Editor

To some, it may seem unfortunate that I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day for my whole life (a whole 16 years).  

For those 16 years, I’ve had to watch couples get each other the cutest gifts, and I can practically feel the love radiating off of them. It’s times like these where sometimes I wish I were in a relationship. After all, the last time I got a gift on Valentine’s Day was when we were forced to give them out to the whole class back in elementary school. 

But I’m here to tell you to stop pitying yourself because Valentine’s Day is actually the best holiday to be single on. 

First of all, think of all the stress you will save yourself by not having to get someone a gift on Valentine’s Day. There’s always the people who aren’t quite in a relationship yet wondering if they should even get the other person a gift or not. And then there are the people who don’t even know what to get their significant other. If you’re single, you don’t have to even think about gifts for your partner.

Also, be thankful for all the money you’re about to save. In 2019, the average amount a consumer spent on Valentine’s day was $161.96, making it a total of 20.7 billion dollars in the United States. I swear when it hits Valentine’s Day, everything goes up in prices. The candies are more expensive because they are shaped like hearts, the flowers cost more ($20 from Walmart and up to $80 from other places) and the jewelry is always expensive. You also don’t have to spend money on a date at an expensive restaurant. 

Save that money you would normally spend on others, and spend it on yourself. Good thing no one knows you better than yourself, so you know exactly what to get on Valentine’s Day. The best kind of love is self-love, and as always treat yourself by having a relaxing day. 

Now with all the money you’ve saved on Feb. 14, you can spend it on the plethora of discounted Valentine’s Day items. The second it becomes Feb. 15, all those seasonal things go on sale. Discounted chocolates that come in huge variety boxes are always a plus, and honestly, things just taste better knowing you got them on sale. 

So stop thinking about being single on Valentine’s Day so negatively; after all, we are the real winners saving ourselves the stress and money that comes from an over hyped holiday. And you can think of it this way, give it a couple of days and the roses and cards will be in the trash anyways.