Sophomore duo leads girls’ basketball past Notre Dame


Courtesy Alyssa Adams

Sophomore Dani Adams dribbles the ball against Notre Dame on Jan. 17. Adams finished with 23 points in the team’s 61-44 victory.

Andrew Roberts, Staff Writer

The sophomore duo of Dani Adams and Jada Carter-Frem led girls’ basketball to a 61-44 victory over Notre Dame on Friday, Jan. 17.  

Adams dropped 23 points as she led the offense throughout the game, and Carter-Frem finished with 17 points after a very strong first half.  

Algonquin started things off with a 15-5 run, as senior captain Alexa Sullivan led a strong Algonquin defense.  Adams and Carter-Frem led the offense during the run, and an early three-point shot by Carter-Frem helped Algonquin gain momentum.

“I think that coming back from a couple losses makes us want to play better and brings up our confidence to improve,” Carter-Frem said.  “That was the mindset at the beginning of the game.”

In the second quarter, the game got closer, as Notre Dame was within seven points by halftime.  Notre Dame junior Hannah Marzo (who finished with 20 points) and Notre Dame senior Hannah Leahy (who finished with eight points) led this effort. At one point in the third quarter, it had become a four point game, as Algonquin led Notre Dame 32-28.

“I was a little bit nervous, but I knew we could come back from it,” Adams said.  “We had to keep our heads in the game and keep competing like we did in the first half.”

Late in the game, senior Patricia Biamou stepped up, leading Algonquin on an 11-4 run and helping the T-Hawks expand their lead to 17 points.  Biamou finished with nine points of her own. Adams and Carter-Frem also continued to contribute as the team pulled ahead.

Both the team’s young talent and their seniors contributed as Algonquin won by a comfortable margin.

“I can’t wait to see the future of Algonquin girls basketball,” Biamou said.  “I think it’s headed in the right direction. You have all these sophomores out here that are contributing big to the team.”