REVIEW: Godavari creates authentic Indian food for all sorts of eaters


Courtesy Godavari USA

Godavari’s Ghee Idli. Staff Writers Shakila and Sahanna Sivarajan write that Godavari delivers authentic and tasty Indian food in Framingham.

Sahana Sivarajan and Shakila Sivarajan

If you have ever longed for a classic Indian restaurant to go to, Godavari will serve you with an excellent meal with all the good stuff included.

Situated in Framingham on Route 9, right across the Sheraton hotel is Godavari, a growing South Indian franchise restaurant. 

As soon as we walked the ramp leading to the door and entered the restaurant, we were greeted with the aroma of spices and a statue of the Hindu god, Pillaiyar. Everything from the friendly staff to the pictures of old Bollywood stars hung on the walls to the Indian music playing on the television help give the restaurant an authentic touch. 

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to a buffet. We chose to come in for dinner and the staff were really amiable and attentive to us, explaining the most popular dishes and being flexible with the spice levels. The menu had every Indian food possible from Chicken Tikka to Gobi Manchurian and even included some Indo-Chinese food. They also included a big list of vegetarian meals.

We ordered the Gobi Manchurian, a cauliflower dish fried in a sweet and spicy sauce. It was delicious and was served in a medium sized plate but was very filling. It costed  $8.99 which was reasonable for a dinner meal.

We also ordered the Chicken Tikka masala, grilled chicken mixed in an orange creamy sauce which contained sweet Indian spices. This dish is a classic Indian dish that is a longtime favorite of ours. It was served in a medium to large dish that costed $12.99 which made sense because of both the quantity and quality of the dish. 

This widely popular franchise attracts more and more customers, even serving the Indian ambassador to the U.S, Harsh Vardhan Shringla. Godavari has already opened many restaurants across the U.S. and now plans to open restaurants across the world, particularly in the Middle East and Europe. 

This restaurant is perfect for everyone, from the people who have never tried Indian food to those who love spicy food to the ones that are vegetarians. For us, this restaurant is nostalgic since it brings back many memories of us as little girls helping our grandmother stir the curry, half a world away. 

Godavari goes by the slogan, “Best South Indian Restaurant in USA,” and we  truly recommend it to anyone and everyone.