Faculty Friday: Deborah Saltzman

Sahana Sivarajan, Staff Writer

What is your favorite book?

“I am currently reading three books at the same time and my favorite book is usually one of the books I am reading. I am currently reading ‘In the Lake of the Woods’ and I just saw the author, Tim O’Brien, speak at a book festival.”

Are you an advisor for any clubs?

“Yes, Soulfege and Helping Paws. However, I don’t have pets and I can’t sing which is ironic.”

What exciting things are you planning to do this year?

“I am learning American Sign Language. Most of my neighborhood is learning it because a girl, who is deaf, is in my neighborhood and we want to be able to communicate with her. I am fascinated by seeing the connection between certain signs and words. I am also excited that I have a friend who is writing a young adult book and I am giving an extra credit opportunity to my freshman students to read the book and then meet with the author to offer feedback.”

Have you met any famous people?

“I go to the Boston Book Festival and I like meeting authors of contemporary memoirs and fiction. I have met Tim O’Brien and Jennifer Finney Boylan.”