Sophomores start club to spread passion for AI


Jonny Ratner

Sophomore and AI leader Henry Zhang leads the discussion on the Russian AI Cup on Dec. 11. The AI club meets every Wednesday after school in D-111.

Claire Bai and Brianna Tang

Sophomores Henry Zhang and Divyansh Shivashok began Artificial Intelligence (AI) Club this year as a way to share their enthusiasm for this growing field with other students. 

“AI Club will focus on making AI fun and accessible by cutting through its thick skin of complexities and making it plain and simple,” Zhang said. “Club members will be introduced to basic concepts in AI like deep learning, and ideally should be able to use it for their own projects in the future.”

Any time a computer makes a decision, it is a form of AI. AI is a growing field and as advancements are made, they can solve more problems at a higher level.

Meetings are after school every Wednesday in D-111. Anybody interested in learning about AI, regardless of their familiarity with the field, is welcome to attend. Programming skills and familiarity with Python are recommended for students joining the club but are not strictly necessary.

“There are no prerequisites to joining AI Club,” Shivashok said. “Just bring a computer because that’s AI.” 

In AI Club, members will learn new concepts relating to AI, including deep learning and difficult problem solving, to gain an understanding of its impact on modern society.

“AI Club will allow members to understand how everything in society will be powered by this technology and will open their eyes to how much of society already is dictated by AI,” club adviser Daniel Forhan said.

Zhang and Shivashok hope that more students will want to join and learn about AI because they believe that, in time, AI will transform the way we live more than it already has.

“I joined because I thought it’d be cool to learn about,” freshman Shan Tang said. “I’ve always been interested in technology, but I don’t have any background with AI.”

Zhang also hopes to bring in guest speakers to talk about AI later in the year to teach students about how AI shapes the real world.

“AI is going to change the world,” Zhang said. “In 20 years, the world will be as different as 2010 will be to 1990 because of this powerhouse. In time, it will revolutionize every aspect of life, from personal experiences to global economics.”