Sophomore Tuesday: Danielle Adams


Photo Amanda Ferris

Amanda Ferris, Staff Writer

Who is your favorite teacher this year? Why?

“My favorite teacher is Ms. DeMember because she is a very engaging teacher that is always willing to help.”

What is your favorite part of sophomore year so far?

“My favorite part of sophomore year so far is after school activities like going to sports games, ladies first and best buddies.”

How do you feel about blue cheese dressing?

“I have never liked blue cheese dressing. It’s disgusting.”

What’s a better choice to wear, Nike or Adidas?

“I would wear Adidas because they have athletic sneakers and really comfy casual sneakers.”

What’s one common weekend activity for you?

“Playing basketball whether it’s practice or games.”

What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

“My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love seeing people open their gifts, especially the ones I’ve given them.”