REVIEW: Kaling’s memoir consists of light-hearted coming of age stories


Graphic Liza Armstrong

Staff Writer Jula Utzschneider writes that Mindy Kaling’s book portrays her in a humbling light.

Jula Utzschneider, Staff Writer

Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” is a light-hearted and entertaining memoir. Set in several different points in her life, Kaling gives insights into how she grew up, making sure to add in amusing comments along the way.

Kaling’s story, beginning with growing up in a traditional Indian-household in Cambridge, Massachusetts, helps readers relate to her as a person. From her experiences of being bullied, overweight and enduring rejection through failed auditions, she was not always the person she is now. This book focuses on her childhood, progresses to her life at college and ends up where she is today: a well-known actress, writer and comedian. It features anecdotes regarding her involvement in sports (or lack thereof), friendships and even as a writer on the renowned “Saturday Night Live.” 

Set in both difficult and successful moments in her life, Kaling offers readers a refreshing sense of humor and positivity, while not being overwhelmingly self-involved. An instance of this is shown when she describes living in a small, rat-infested apartment in New York, which the majority of people would find revolting and unhygienic, but Kaling was simply excited to be living with her friends.

If you like writing, are interested in performing arts or enjoy comedy, Kaling’s hilarious and insightful memoir is worth a read. This book is a must-have in all households and will spark joy for many years to come.