Empty shelves lead to early food drive


Jonny Ratner

Senior Sam Slovin helps load food at the end of the October food drive. This year, student council led a fall food drive because there was no food at the Northborough Food Pantry.

Laura Anderson, News Editor

This year, Student Council, along with the Community Access Program (CAP), is hosting one of their annual food drives early since the Northborough Food Pantry is almost empty.

CAP regularly visits the food pantry to stock the shelves. However, there was no food to stock when they recently visited due to a lack of donations over the summer, leading them to approach Student Council about hosting a drive early this year. 

“People need food year round,” junior class president David Gillingham said. “It’s not just during holidays. It’s not just during Thanksgiving. It’s not just during Christmas. So, because we had a really big need this year, we are doing one right now.”

Although many students do not access the food pantry themselves, freshman class adviser and social studies teacher Kerriann Lessard believes everyone can still benefit from helping out.

“[Students can benefit by] realizing that something as small as buying a couple cans of food or boxes of cereal, whatever it may be, can actually help people around them in their daily lives,” Lessard said.

The food drive ended on Oct. 28.