Getting Involved with clubs helps you grow


Graphic Macey Poitras-Cote

A&E Editor Macey Poitras-Cote writes that joining clubs is a good way to expand your interests and create new friends.

Macey Poitras-Cote, A&E Editor

Our school has a large student body, which can seem overwhelming, but having a big school means that there are a lot of opportunities. 

Here, people can get involved in extracurriculars pertaining to various talents and interests, including the arts, sports and service/awareness groups. People should get involved in these clubs to learn more about themselves.

At first, it might seem daunting to join a club or activity, especially one that has members who have been involved for a few years. However, clubs are always looking for people to join. Many clubs advertise on the announcements, social media, and some set up posters at the Club Extravaganza to recruit potential members. Joining is always welcomed!

By joining a new extracurricular activity, you can meet new people that have similar interests as you. After school activities bring together people from different grades and classes. You get a chance to meet people you would not be able to meet without joining. Clubs also are a way to see your friends that you may not have classes with. 

Plus, being a part of extracurriculars are great to put on resumes. Jobs and colleges love to see that people were involved in groups outside of school work.

Even if you try a new club and don’t enjoy it, you benefit from trying it out. You can realize what you want to spend your time and energy into doing. By trying, it lets you know what you are interested in pursuing. 

Lastly, getting involved in a group at school will make you feel a part of the school. You get to learn more about our school and the people in it by joining a club. You become more confident and prideful of the school, knowing that you are contributing to it.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do in high school, so take the opportunities you can. Make many memories and meaningful experiences, so you can grow and become a stronger person once you leave high school.