REVIEW: Social House leaves much to promise on new EP


Courtesy Social House

Online Editor Liza Armstrong writes that Social House’s new EP ‘Everything Changed…’ does not show the duo’s full potential.

Liza Armstrong, Online Editor

While many only know pop duo Social House for their 2018 single ‘Magic in the Hamptons’, the duo proved that they’re more than a one-hit single with their first EP titled ‘Everything Changed…’  A little less than 20 minutes long, the EP proves that Social House breadth with invoking songs and party anthems.  

‘Everything Changed…’ sticks to the theme of a relationship that is heading down the wrong path.  These ideas are not new in music, but new to Social House, who before this only made what could be considered upbeat, party songs.   

The EP opens with ‘At Least We Can Say That We Tried’, which encapsulates Social House’s sound.  With a chorus that features the lines “We just didn’t get it right/At least we could say that we tried” paired with the overpowering beat of a clearly hip-hop inspired drum sets up the juxtaposition that is Social House.  

Personally, the best song is ‘Why You Always Gotta Start Something,’ a fresh take on the idea of a rapper blaming his girlfriend for being crazy and ending a relationship.  The instruments in the back are mellow, which takes my attention away from the overall sexist message of the song. But towards the end of the song, it is made clear that it is both sides that are responsible for the problems in this relationship.     

Two other new songs are featured on ‘Everything Changed…’  ‘Love Me Back’ and ‘Tropical Rain’ are both stellar songs that talk about another common tropes, unrequited love, and lust. Lyrics from ‘Love Me Back’ include “I wrote this song thinking ‘bout you/Comes from my heart ‘cause you know it’s the truth’ continue the authentic tone that they are trying to present in this album.  ‘Tropical Rain’ is the weakest song on the EP with a repetitive chorus that bores after the second time. However, both of these songs are digestible when listening to the EP as a whole, but when my music is on shuffle, I tend to skip these songs.   

The biggest hit on the album is ‘Boyfriend’, an already released collaboration with Ariana Grande.  Being the only song that has a positive outcome for the “relationship’ it feels a little out of place on the EP.  While there is nothing wrong with the song itself, it feels as if it provides an unnecessary break from the rest of the EP.  Grande is also the prominent voice of this song which makes it feel as if it is coming from a different, unimportant perspective than the rest of the songs.

Overall, there was a lot of hype surrounding Social House up to the release of ‘Everything Changed…’ And while the EP is a good start, it left much to be desired. It almost felt as if they were trying to differentiate themselves while staying in the same mold that pushed them into fame.  Hopefully, their best work is yet to come, but ‘Everything Changed…:’ gives great promises to what this duo is capable of if they continue to be authentic.