Q&A: Senior sells embroidery to masses


Submitted Natalie MacDonald

Senior Natalie MacDonald sells her crafts at stART on the Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. She also sells online on her Etsy store Happy Ugly People.

Aaron Hafiani, Staff Writer

Senior Natalie MacDonald creates hand stitched embroidery and sells it on Etsy as well as craft fairs.

Why did you start creating art?

“It was something unique and cool that I heard anyone could do.”

Why did you decide to start selling your art?

“I wanted to share what I make.”

Do you have any role models or people/ things that inspire you?

“My mom inspired me a little bit, she did cross stitch, which is a branch of what I do.”

What do you love most about making art?

“I love the open endedness of [art] because there are no boundaries; you can make whatever you want.”

What effect do you think art has on the world?

“It’s a creative aspect to the world that releases tension.”