Q&A: Senior lands lead role in first musical


Photo Jula Utzschneider

Senior Sam Hostage will play the role of Tanya in this year’s musical, “Mamma Mia.” This is Hostage’s first production since fifth grade.

Jula Utzschneider, Staff Writer

Most people devote a significant amount of time to the performing arts before auditioning for the school play. However, senior Samantha Hostage, who is new to the theater world, has earned a lead in the upcoming musical, “Mamma Mia,” with her role as Tanya.

What inspired you to try out for the play?

“Honestly, my friend was trying out, so that’s what actually pushed me to go and give it a shot, but I hadn’t done a musical since fifth grade.” 

Did you originally want the role of Tanya?

“I went in open-minded. I actually wrote down one of the roles that I would like to get, as Tanya, which is what I ended up getting. But I went in with an open mind, like anything would work.”

Have you done anything in the past with the play?

“I’ve painted sets for the past few years with Mr. Hancin.”

How do you memorize and practice your lines?

“Working with my [scene] partner Kaitlyn Wilber, [who plays] Rosie, helps a lot. She’s done the musical and plays the past few years, so she’s more experienced than me, and she’s a big help.”

Is there anything that you are nervous about?

“I say I can’t dance, so the choreography is a lot of time at home practicing.”

What are you looking forward to most about the play?

“I am most excited about all my new friends and how lucky I am to be a part of this for my senior year.”