REVIEW: Post Malone’s mixed genres, unique sounds make ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ memorable album


Courtesy Republic Records

Photo Editor Jonny Ratner writes that Post Malone’s newest album is one of the best of the year.

Jonny Ratner, Photo Editor

It’s rare that an artist releases an album where every single is track is well-crafted and every song has real potential to sit at the top spots on the music charts.

 This happened to be the case with Post Malone’s third album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” The album has multiple features from top artists including Travis Scott, DaBaby, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, SZA, Lil Baby, Swae Lee, Young Thug and even the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, across 17 songs that improve the album overall.

 The flawless album starts out with the title track and one of the album’s best songs, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” which lets listeners understand what living in Hollywood is like, as well as giving some insight  into Malone’s everyday life. With lines such as “we’re running out of reasons, but we can’t let go, yeah, Hollywood is bleeding, but we call it home” and “howl at the moon and go to sleep in the day, love for everybody ‘til the drugs fade away,” Malone lets listeners into the party lifestyle and how overtime Hollywood has received a bad reputation for changing people for the worst. 

The best song on the album, titled “Circles,” is simply unforgettable. Every part of the song flows well together, and it’s a perfect song to play in a car on a peaceful drive. With its peaceful tone and Malone’s compelling vocals, the track really just symbolizes how well crafted the album is.

“Die for Me” featuring Future and Halsey is a unique song as Malone, Future and Halsey all have separate verses that are split evenly through the song. Even though I don’t necessarily care for Future as an artist, his voice actually fits the beat quite well. Halsey is impressive throughout her whole verse, and her style and sound achieve everything to make the song an instant hit. 

“I’m Gonna Be,” which is my second favorite song on the album, is a great track to just jam to while running or working out. It’s well crafted and one that I think will go over the heads of listeners because it sits in the middle of the album, and it can be easily missed due to the high quality tracks that surround it.

The next three songs, “Staring at the Sun,” featuring SZA, ‘Sunflower’, featuring Swae Lee, ‘Internet’ and ‘Goodbyes’ featuring Young Thug are calm tracks that give off a mellow vibe. The album ends perfectly with three tracks: ‘Myself’, ‘I Know’ and ‘Wow’, that gives us a peek into classic Post Malone and all the unique beats and sounds that brought in all the attention in the first place. 

From strong features to smooth guitar solos, this project is one of the best albums of the year, and it shows just how talented Post Malone is as well as the potential he has to continue making hit songs.