SLIDESHOW: Seniors showcase spirit in weeklong event

The senior class showed their spirit by dressing up for various themed days the week of Sept. 3.

Jonny Ratner, Photo Editor

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  • [From left to right] seniors Madelyn Kostiw, Elizabeth Webb and Emily Pinho dressed up for beach day. "It adds a fun theme to a basic day, and it's fun to dress up with everyone else and add school spirit," Kostiw said.

  • Senior Zach Nicholson, who also participated in beach day, believes in the importance of senior spirit week. "It builds the spirit with the class of 2020 and helps bring us together," Nicholson said.

  • Wearing their flamboyant "Hawaiian style" shirts, seniors Kaley Somers and Matt Rawlings proudly participate in beach day. “[Spirit week] builds a community between peers, and they are fun to do," Somers said.

  • Seniors embraced the beach day theme as [from left to right] seniors Sequoia Truong, Olivia Chiota, Soraya Hafiani, Jenna Levenson, Chloe Chiota, Joey Mcevoy and Lauren Silva all played their part in showing their school spirit.

  • For meme day, senior Joe Shoemaker dressed up as Tanisha Thomas, the reality TV personality who delivered the line "I didn't get no sleep 'cause of y'all, y'all not gonna get no sleep 'cause of me."

  • [From left to right] seniors Kevin Tucker, Colin Kerrigan and Mateo Oyola wore their school pride on their shirts, participating in the Algonquin pride day that concluded the spirit week.

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